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ContractRight requires

No PSI Tests

ContractRight allows contractors to enjoy the financial benefits of self-employment when they provide their services to clients, and facilitates this mutually beneficial process without the need to pass complex legislative and validation tests.

ContractRight is

Legally Tested

ContractRight is a legally tested, agile and intelligent approach to the compliant engagement of independent contractors which has been successfully implemented across a range of business sectors, saving companies time and money in the process.


Provides Clarity

ContractRight provides much-needed clarity in this age of increasing business regulation and complexity. It delivers a sustainable and compliant system for the engagement of contractors who provide their services to a business or its end clients.


Removes the Risks

ContractRight is the perfect way to remove the significant business risks associated with contractors failing the validation tests imposed by the Personal Services Income (PSI) legislation, or the SHAM contracting provisions of the Fair Work Act.

ContractRight provides

Operational Flexibility

ContractRight returns operational flexibility to businesses through an efficient, sustainable engagement framework that improves productivity, efficiency and profitability, particularly where payment for outcomes is essential to the business model.

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available in Australia to ensure contractors can provide their services to your business compliantly and lawfully!

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